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Sterling/Barnes & Noble Publishing
Classic Readers Series

Jungle Book Beginning Readers

#1: Rikki Tikki Tavi Moves In
A delightful adaptation of Kipling's Jungle Book short story of how a curious wild mongoose moves into the house and hearts of the little boy, Teddy and his parents.

#2: Rikki and the Mystery in the Garden
An inventive story that expands upon Kipling's original --in which Rikki Tikki Tavi's curiosity ends up saving the day and, of course, the little boy Teddy.

#3: Mowgli's Big Birthday
On his birthday, Mowgli the man-cub gets an unexpected visit from Shere Khan the tiger -- luckily, Baloo the brown bear and Bagheera the black panther are there to help!

#4: Mowgli Knows Best
Mowgli thinks he knows how to live on his own in the jungle -- but when he runs off with the Monkey People, will he be a match for Shere Khan the tiger and Kaa the Rock Snake?

#5 The Boy and His Sled Dog
When a terribe snowstorm strikes, Quiquern nows it's up to him to save his vllage from going hungry. And so he sets off on a sled with his dog for a great adventure.

#6 The Brave Little Seal
The hunters were on their way to Seal Haven! Kotick knew that he had to act quickly. And so he bravely set out to find a safe place for all the seals to live.

Doctor Dolittle Beginning Readers

#1: Animal Talk
An adaptation of Hugh Lofting's original The Story of Doctor Dolittle, this book cleverly retells how Doctor Dolittle discovered he could talk to the animals -- and they could talk to him.

#2: The Circus Crocodile
Kind-hearted Doctor Dolittle and his animal friends decide to set sail across the ocean to bring a homesick circus crocodile back where he belongs.

#3: Doctor Dolittle's Great Adventure
Shipwrecked and lost at sea -- will Doctor Dolittle and the animals ever find Circus Crocodile's home? Just when it seems all hope is lost -- Doctor Dolittle finds a way.

#4: Doctor Dolittle's Magical Cure
Will Doctor Dolittle and the animals be able to cure the Lion Prince Cub before it's too late?

#5 Doctor Dolittle and the Pirates
Doctor Dolittle and his brave animal crew sail out to sea in search of Puddleby, their beloved home. But along the way, they must fight off a band of pirates who want to steal their ship!

#6 Doctor Dolittle Goes Home
Doctor Dolittle sets sail for home with his animal crew, assuring them, "We're done with adventures from now on." That is, until they find a very unusual stowaway on their ship!