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The Big Book of Monologues

Table of Contents
Why the book was created
Choosing the monologue that’s right for you
How to prepare a monologue

Chapter One – For Five and Older

A. Dramatic Monlogues
1. Me without You
2. What’s Wrong with Me?
3. Remembering Elvis -- the Turtle
4. If I Ruled the World
5. School Jitters
6. I Can Fly, No I Can't
7. Monsters, Monsters Everywhere

B. Comedic Monologues
1. That’s Mine, This Is Yours
2. The Lollipop Trick
3. It Could Have Been Worse
4. The Perfect Present
5. I Wish Mrs. Smith Didn’t Like Me
6. The Baby Exchange
7. The Jack-o-Lantern Kid

Chapter Two – For Seven and Older

A. Dramatic Monlogues
1. Getting Even
2. The Forever Friend
3. It Isn’t Easy Being New
4. God,Are You Listening?
5. The Popular Kid
6. The Valentine’s Day Crush
7. Am I Pretty Yet?

B. Comedic Monlogues
1. The Best and the Worst Trip, Ever!
2. Keep ‘Em Laughing
3. I Could Have Been a Cucumber
4. Kid Clumsy
5. The Trick or Treat Disaster
6. I Used to be Invisible
7. He Must Be Yours, He Isn’t Mine

Chapter Three – For Nine and Older

A. Dramatic Monologues
1. With All My Love
2. Since Dad’s Been Gone
3. The Tiny Dancer
4. Somebody Likes Me
5. My Name’s Not Duh
6. The Way We Were
7. Parties Are Stupid

B. Comedic Monologues
1. Eww, TMI/Too Much Information
2. The Art of Being Cool
3. Life of Riley
4. Who Needs a Family Anyway?
5. Who Am I, Really?
6. Swimming Upstream
7. She Used to Be My Friend
8. I Eat, Therefore I Am

Chapter Four – For Thirteen and Older

A. Dramatic Monologues
1. Gang Brothers
2. The Punching Bag
3. My Mother’s Keeper
4. The Troublemaker
5. The Bathroom on the Third Floor
6. Numb
7. Southern Comfort

B. Comedic Monologues
1. This Is --Who?
2. Not Yet Ready for High School
3. The Big Dance
4. The Make-Out Party
5. The Inside of My Locker
6. The Ugly Duckling
7. They Really Are Staring at Me

Chapter Five – For Sixteen and Older

A. Dramatic Monologues
1. Forever Blue
2. What’s the Right Thing to Do?
3. The Accident
4. I Hate the World
5. I Don’t Want to Live with You
6. My First Time
7. Breaking Up Is Hard to Do

B. Comedic Monologues
1. High Anxiety
2. Where Have All the Cute Guys/Girls Gone?
3. Prom Night
4. I’ve Been Dumped
5. Senior Round-Up
6. Why I Love the Eleventh Grade
7. What Was I Thinking?

Chapter Six – Miscellaneous, Parental Discretion Advised

A. Dramatic Monologues
These monologues address very sensitive issues and will not be posted on this website. For further information you can contact the author through this website.

Copyright c 2004 Diane Namm and Georgia Bergman. All rights reserved.